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We are ideally placed to help you find tenants for your holiday rentals or buy-to-let investments. We can help find tenants for holiday-lets, second homes, houses currently for sale and long-term lets. We have a growing database of buyers who are actively house hunting in Spain and all of them will want to stay here at some point. The best way to find out about the area you plan to live in is to stay with or rent through people who have actually made the move themselves.

Our buyers’ like to rent for a couple of days while they view their short-lists, or a couple of weeks while they holiday in their chosen area. At the other end of the scale they may be looking for accommodation for several months while they take a sabbatical from life back home and check out an area thoroughly before making the life-changing decision of where to put down their roots.

We are not lawyers and not well placed to give the best advice as to tenancy agreements and contracts. Landlord and tenant law in Spain is complex and tenants have more rights that UK tenants: so please ensure that you have taken professional advice before you hand over the keys to your property or countersign a lease. That said, you should not be put off by “the system” as many people rent property in Spain very successfully and find that the rents they receive provide a valuable income stream.

We divide our rental properties into two categories:

Holiday lets

These are generally rentals of less than four weeks in specifically designed holiday accommodation, or in someone’s holiday home which the owner then rents out in their absence to provide extra income. The properties need to be fully furnished and provide everything a holiday guest needs. After all – you want them to recommend your holiday house to their friends and encourage them to return.

If you advertise your holiday let with us, we ask you to advertise for a one year period, which can be renewed annually.

Long term lets

We consider a long a term let to be four weeks or more. We would strongly recommend that our advertisers take professional advice if they wish to rent to people who do not have a principal home somewhere else or if they are renting unfurnished property, for however long they are letting their property – just to be on the safe side. If you are advertising a property for long-term rental you can take out an advert with us for a three-month period, as it is unlikely you would require a full year.

How do you advertise with us?

However you choose to let your property – when you decide to advertise with us we will send you a simple questionnaire to fill in which gives us the essential details. You can pay us by bank transfer, direct-debit, credit or debit card or Paypal. We can add links between your advert on our site and your own brochure, or links to Trip Advisor etc. Photographs are the most important aspect of your advert as they capture the imagination of the would-be tenant or guest, speaking a thousand words (as the saying goes) in every language. Once we have the form and photographs back from you we create your advert, get it approved by you, and then load it onto our website. Enquiries are then sent directly to you, and neither you nor the tenant pays us any further fee.

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A word on rental from our legal partner - Perez Legal Group

Resident landlords

The Spanish tax man has sweetened the rental package recently for Spanish residents by introducing a reduction of 50% in rental income for tax purposes. It is designed to stimulate the rental market. Resident landlords can deduct almost every expense imaginable from their rental income, meaning that most landlords will pay little or nothing in income tax.

Non-resident landlords

Non-residents are allowed no deductions and must declare their rental income on a special form 210.

Identification of the landlord

Tenants who make tax declarations in Spain are now required to list their landlords’ name and tax number on their income tax declaration along with the Cadastral reference of the property they rent. Although many owners rent out their flats and do not declare the income, this requirement to identify the landlord has already produced tens of thousands of new tax declarations in its first years.

Important! Tax on rental contracts

Unfortunately, a large proportion of owners who let their Spanish property, seem blissfully unaware that they are subject to Spanish Income Tax on their rental income. This applies to both residents and non-residents.

If you let your Spanish property, you will be subject to Spanish Income Tax on your rental income. This applies to both residents and non-residents.

For more information you can visit their site at Perez Legal Group

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